Do you, your relationship or your team need help moving forward?

You don’t need to stay stuck

Helping you move forward

Sometimes you can find yourself at a stage in a relationship where it doesn’t seem to be right for you anymore.

Maybe you have found yourself stuck in a business or career that no longer feels like it gives you what you need?

Or are you at that stage where you want to find the real you and just live and love life again?

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Your relationships

Relationships are complex and sometimes you can find yourself in a place that you never thought you could be.

Not communicating, going around in circles, not hearing each other and you are worried that you no longer want the same things.

Sometimes you just need some help together.

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Your team

Putting a group of people together and asking them to work as a team sounds easy doesn’t it?

But what if you find distrust, fear, lack of direction or a lack of clear team identity holds you and them back?

What impact it that having on you and your business?

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Jo Wilson, Conversational Freedom Coach

I am dedicated to helping you find the solution that is right for you

Simply put, my coaching and facilitation could be just the answer you have been searching for

My passion is to help people just like you find a way forward that empowers you and enables you to be the best version of yourself. A happy, passionate, focussed and fulfilled you.

Whether you currently feel that you are stuck in your personal, business, career or home life, or you and your partner need some help to really hear each other and re-connect with each other, I can help.

You see, I have been there. I understand, and I know how important it is to have someone working with you to guide you through letting go of the beliefs, values and identity that you have put on yourself that no longer work for you. I know how frustrating and debilitating being stuck on the hamster wheel of a life that doesn’t fulfil you can be.

Maybe your team is struggling to work together collaboratively, maybe there is conflict or discord and you no longer know how best to deal with the problem?

Having worked with hundreds of organisations, I know how crippling this can be to your own motivation as well as the teams, let alone how it can affect your business.

This is why I offer a group facilitation and coaching service that works deep under the surface, way beyond behaviour level. A service that enables you and the others in your team to safely put the problem on the table, find a feasible solution and move forward together.

Flexible ways to work with me

  • Coaching programmes for individuals, couples and groups

  • Half-day breakthrough sessions to enable you to let go of the things that have been holding you back and get clarity on the way forward

  • Half-day strategy enlightenment sessions to enable you to have a clear career and business strategy that fits with the life you want to lead

  • Online coaching and check-in or accountability sessions

  • In-house team facilitation and team strategy days that bring the team together to plan a future that works for you and your organisation

  • Empowering and enlightening workshops

What some of my amazing clients say about working with me:

Jo is fantastic, she is able to drive clarity in yourself. Her experience shines through and she is able to provide a life-changing framework. Thank you Jo!


Jo is so passionate about helping others. She offers huge clarity, insight and warmth. Knowing Jo is life-changing and so much more


I felt free to talk through my deepest fears, was given support and the tools to help and knowing it doesn’t stop there. The warmth going into the room is truly fab!


Thank you Jo for your faith in me and guidance. I came in feeling like everything is so hard and I just can’t do it anymore. I am leaving with renewed focus, energy and faith in myself to keep on being my best. Thank you!


Jo is a fantastic, inspirational and a truly wonderfully supportive coach and facilitator. Brilliant working with her and having her energy, skills and passion in the room!


Working with Jo has been an amazing experience. She is giving, approachable and so so informative. Some wonderful revelations and insights as a result of her knowledge and caring guidance. Don’t miss working with her, it will be so worthwhile. Thank you Jo!