Who Am I

I am an experienced and fully qualified Coach, Facilitator, Speaker and Trainer and love helping individuals, couples and teams be the best they can be. For me, this means helping them get the happiness and motivation from a feeling of belonging and feeling empowered.

I love the variety of people I help and equally enjoy personal coaching and the work I do with companies.

From the personal coaching viewpoint, I work with a wide range of clients and specialise in working with couples who find they need that bit of outside help to find their way forward and communicate as one unit. I have also worked with people on an individual basis since 2012, helping them get the freedom they need from a business, career or relationship that no longer works for them and enabling them to get clarity about what they want and working with them to get a clear plan to move forward.

Often the underlying issues and symptoms are ones of anxiety, feeling like they are not understood, depression, uncertainty as to who they are or what they want and holding onto things in the past that no longer serve them.

Working together, my clients find freedom from these simply and easily and find that they have a new feeling of peace, contentment and connection.

My clients have included healthcare professionals and organisations, entrepreneurs, small business owners, large corporate teams, public sector workers and organisations, IT professionals, teachers, people now looking for a new purpose in life, those working in media and the creative industries, managers and project managers to name just a few. Basically, I have worked with people from all walks of life and coached and facilitated them through a huge variety of circumstances using my skills, experience and flexibility to ensure I adapt to a style that fits with you.

My life so far

I would love to say that my life has been easy!

Actually, that’s not true, because if it had then maybe I wouldn’t be as content as I am now or have the life experiences to understand the challenges that many of my clients have.

To be honest, I have been there. I have been in a marriage that I stayed in through guilt, feelings of obligation and rescuing everyone else and not putting my own needs at the forefront of my own thoughts and actions.

I have been there, completely stressed and feeling trapped in a career that, although successful, no longer matched with who I was.

I have worked in senior teams that were dysfunctional to say the least and felt that the team identity and values were no longer aligned with my own.

I have had to make some very difficult business decisions and have learnt a lot from the bad ones!

In 2009, I decided that I no longer wanted to live my life by the ‘shoulds’, ‘shouldn’ts’, ‘musts’ ‘must nots’,  and ‘ought tos’ that had previously been so prevalent through the doctrines of my education as a child and that I had taken into my adult life. As children we take on the beliefs and values of those who we respect or are in a position of influence over us. These, often unhelpful and negative beliefs and values, then become an automatic filtering process for our subconscious mind and can have a huge impact on our own self-belief, our emotional well-being and can result in automatic behaviours that no longer serve us.

For me, I took with me the beliefs and values from my child-hood such as: I should do this to comply with what is expected of me, I should not put myself before others, I must obey the rules otherwise it would be seen as a sin, I must not speak up, I must be seen and not heard, I ought to know my place.  These underlying beliefs became an automatic filtering that constantly impacted my confidence and self-esteem. Although I became very successful in my career and everyone saw a confident, successful and assertive woman, deep inside I battled with an underlying feeling of not being worthy and not being enough.

For me, my first steps to the level of emotional freedom that I now have was learning Neuro-Linguistic Programming. The impact NLP had on my life was astounding and I gained a deep understanding of myself, and through this a love of who I was and an acceptance of my own worth. This then enabled me to make some decisions in my life that were completely right for me, to understand what was really important to me and to gain the inner confidence in who I was.

During this process, I also gained insight into my purpose in life and began my work with individuals, couples and teams, bringing my experience, skills and knowledge into empowering them and bringing them emotional freedom through this purpose.

I am now blessed to be living life on my terms. I have been able to walk away from the people and environments that drained rather than sustained me and found new passions and an amazing life partner to share this with.

I am determined to continue to expand my skills and knowledge to serve my clients to the best of my ability and now bring Clean Language, Wellness Recovery Action Planning, Neuro-science, Motivational Interviewing and Emotional Intelligence into the work I do.

My business experience

I am passionate about taking all of my experience into the team environment and helping teams become more connected, productive and aligned.

Through my training, facilitation, speaking and coaching, I utilise all of my knowledge and skills to enable them to learn, discover and understand each other in a way that is unique and powerful.

With extensive experience in complex change projects and managing multi-disciplinary teams, I am also an experienced trainer, coach and facilitator who has worked at Director Level within the healthcare, public and commercial sectors. I have an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing management and operational professionals and am passionate about providing them with the support and direction to make a real difference to themselves, the organisation and the customer.

Focusing teams to resolve differences, develop together and achieve maximum impact is my specialty. Enabling individuals, teams and organisations to realise their potential, facilitate and strengthen collaborative working and effect lasting and empowering change to meet the company strategy is one of my passions.

25+  years’ experience in Customer service improvements

Customer relations and optimising client services

20+ years’ experience in Training provision

Team facilitation

Senior level operations management

Project management

Change management and culture change

Managing multi-disciplinary teams

Electronics industry

Business equipment industry

Complex system changes

Logistics industry

Warehousing and supplied industry

15+  years’ experience in Engineering and manufacturing industry

Company mergers and acquisitions

12+ years’ experience in Complex Six Sigma projects

Working with or within the NHS

Working with or within primary care

Executive coaching

Qualifications and Credentials

NLP Trainer (Association for Integrative Psychology – AIP and Association for NLP – ANLP)

NLP Master Practitioner (Association for Integrative Psychology – AIP)

Clean Language Facilitator (Clean Learning)

Wellness Recovery Action Planning Coach (Wendy Lee)

Certificate in Hypnotherapy

Six Sigma Black Belt level (Catalyst Consulting)

Trainer in Motivational Interviewing made simple(Beyond Training Solutions)

B.A. Psychology and Mathematics (University of Keele)

Total System Leadership (The Kings Fund)