Do you recognise that your team needs help?

Coaching, facilitation and training solutions to make a big difference to your team, your organisation and to you!

Too many times organisations turn a blind eye to problems, and much energy is then wasted on putting sticking plasters over the nicks, cuts, bruises and broken bones within the business.

Too often  I recognise teams that have lost touch with the why of what they do and their management is then surprised by the lack of motivation, fear of change and limited ownership of responsibility.

I repeatedly see teams and individuals unclear on how they impact their customer as they picture themselves far removed from the end result of the service the organisation offers and are, therefore, unclear on the reason for an organisational or major process change.

Conflict can be seen as a ‘dirty word’  or worse, there may even be a fear of conflict, and issues are not honestly discussed leading to major problems and, ultimately, a dysfunctional team!

If you recognise any of the above then please contact me to discuss how my team facilitation, conflict resolution coaching and team-building solutions can help.

Through a unique blend of facilitation, coaching and training, I take an inside-out approach to enable the members of your team to recognise and celebrate each other’s differences, resolve conflict, enhance their communication and customer service, take ownership and work effectively together for the benefit of everyone!

Do any of these ring a bell?

Conflict or unresolved issues

Are there issues bubbling under the surface that you know are not resolved?

Are there members of your team who are at logger heads?

Do you recognise a lack of respect in your team and maybe even potential bullying or harassment?

Do you find yourself getting too involved in the emotions of the situation or feel stressed about your team not moving forward because of unresolved issues?

A team that’s not a team

Has your team merged and are struggling with the change?

Is there a lack of ownership of issues amongst your team members?

Do you see a number of individuals who are not pulling in the same direction?

Is there a serious lack of motivation or drive within your team?

Lack of communication

Do you sometimes think you have made a decision as a team but find people still coming back and questioning the decision?

Is communication one of the main things your team say is lacking in your organisation?

Do you find that there are only a handful of people who speak out?

Do you personally feel that you are not heard or understood?

How can I help?

People have different viewpoints, and under the right (or wrong!) set of circumstances, those differences escalate to conflict. Healthy and constructive debate is a component of high-functioning teams, and differences within the team often make diverse teams more effective than those made up of people with similar experiences.

Understanding and appreciating the various viewpoints involved in the situation are key factors in its resolution.

My facilitation service encourages both sides to find joint values and enables them to safely air their opinions and step away from the emotion of the situation. They are led through a simple process that allows them to understand how the situation is perceived by the other party and then allows both parties to step into the other person’s shoes and respect each other’s point of view.

I teach them how to really listen to each other’s opinions, and step back from an emotional response enabling them to understand the intent as well as the delivery.

I expedite resolution by providing both sides with a means to recognise and then step away from the emotion of the situation to gain clarity and perspective.

Working with all parties involved, the ultimate aim is to enable them to agree a way forward and negotiate a win/win for both parties.

Alternatively, it may be that the relationship is not a good fit for either or both parties and the healthy and most effective resolution is a respectful parting of the ways. In this event I work with you to facilitate the positive conclusion of the relationship for both sides.

This service is completely tailored to your individual needs and can be part of a team facilitation and coaching programme or as a stand-alone event.

This is a team-building day with a difference. It is all about team cohesion and collaborative working.

I help you and your team to understand the team dynamics, respect each other’s differences and strengths within the team so that these differences and strengths can celebrated and utilised.

Working in a structured way and utilising a unique blend of group coaching, facilitation and coaching I enable them to:

  • Understand where they are now and how they see the team
  • Ascertain how effectively the team currently functions
  • Air their opinions safely and constructively
  • Understand what is important to them as individuals about their role within the organisation
  • Look at the team’s purpose and how it is seen from the viewpoint of each other, their customers, other stakeholders and the organisation, to ultimately agree a team purpose that is owned by everyone.
  • Step back and understand how the way the team currently functions affects each other as individuals
  • Create a shared vision for how the team will function in the future
  • Explore the main challenges for the team going forward
  • Identify what each individual and the team needs to function well
  • Instil a culture of open, honest and respectful feedback and the agreement to hold each other accountable.
  • Learn how to negotiate respectfully and effectively within the team
  • Establish clear and agreed team standards of working

Over a six-month period, I work  closely with your team to take them forward to a new level.

Starting off with a team-building day and culminating in a team celebration day, these 2 days are interspersed with 6 onsite group coaching days where I spend time with each of the sub-teams within your team to look at their:

  • Individual issues or differences
  • What impact they have on the wider team and the service it provides
  • How they are moving forward
  • What are the current issues and what needs to happen to resolve them
  • Feedback to each other and how they see the team working together now
  • Review their working standards

As part of these onsite days I also spend time with the management team  (if appropriate) to feedback progress and issues and work with them to find the best ways forward to maximise the team’s success and level of service it provides.